Please find below the most common questions we receive about CCD-STeDe programme.




Q.  Is there a fee to apply for the programme?
A.  No, the programme does not charge application fees.


Q.  I do not have my Bachelor degree yet, can I apply?
A.  Yes, you can apply. But keep in mind that you will need to obtain your Bachelor degree within the 30th of June 2024.


Q.  Is it necessary to translate the application documents?
A.  If the original documents are in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French, you don’t need to translate them.


Q.  I do not have any language certificate, can I apply?
A.  Yes, it is not mandatory to provide language certificates, neither for English nor for the second language (Spanish/Portuguese/French).
If you have language certificates proving your proficiency in the language, please upload them. If pre-selected, the knowledge of the languages of the candidate will be tested during a Zoom interview.

Q.  What type of document should I provide as proof of residence?
A.  You can provide:
– The residence certificate issued by a municipality;
– A certificate from the candidate’s place of work or study issued by the employer or the institution;
– The household bills, or the contract of your accommodation.