CONFERENCE | Pathways and textures for postdevelopment: a tapestry of alternatives

Pluriverse of practices: how to spread and weave real alternatives

20 September 2023 | 15.30 – 17.30  CEST
Streaming online on Youtube

> Introduction and presentation | prof. Massimo De Marchi (University of Padua)
Ashish Kothari
Kalpavriksh, Vikalp Sangam and Global Tapestry of Alternatives, Pune, India
Ashish Kothari is founder-member of Indian environmental group Kalpavriksh, he coordinated India’s National Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan process. Ashish has been active in many citizen movements: Save Narmada, Save the Seeds. Actually he supports the coordination of the Vikalp Sangam (Alternatives Confluence) process in India and the Global Tapestry of Alternatives globally. He is the animator of Animator of PeDAGoG: Post-Development Academic-Activist Global Group. In 2019 Ashish coedited the book “Pluriverse: A Post-Development Dictionary” with Ariel Salleh, Arturo Escobar, Federico Demaria, Alberto Acosta.
The Conference is organised in the framework of the course Alternatives to Development and Territorial Practices of Post Development – International Master in Climate Change and Diversity: Sustainable Territorial Development
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